Dead Migration

by etK

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Hi guys, here is my latest album, fusing hangdrum and alternative electronics/bass music. I really hope you'll like it !
3 hidden tracks are included in the download !

The album was composed between mid-2015 and September 2016. For further detail about each track, just look at infos of individual tracks.


released November 18, 2016

Composition, recording and mastering : etK.
Feauturing : Foif, Noise Limit, my father, Clémentine, Greg Thomas.
Cover by Mélanie Pelloquin + Yoann
Special thanks to my friends for their support, for my father for being my biggest fan, Alexis, Mélanie, Noise Limit and you for listening to the album.



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etK France

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Track Name: I Live
I Live
Track Name: Aesnow (Feat. Foif)
Chorus : etK
And I'm choosing another angel, a free angel, hey
and everyday I hear the rumble, and the mumble, hey
and I'm watching through another angle, my blind sport, hey
and there's someone I'd like to ressemble, to ressemble, hey

Mobb Deep Verse 1 : Prodigy
I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare
Beware of my crime family who got 'nough shots to share
For all of those who wanna profile and pose
Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin'

Bridge : etK
And I'm trying something different
and I'm trying something different
and I'm trying something difficult
and I'm trying something beautiful

Mobb Deep Verse 2 : Havoc
For every rhyme I write it's 25 to life
Yo, it's a must, in gats we trust, safeguarding my life
Ain't no time for hesitation, that only leads to incarceration
You don't know me, there's no relation
Queensbridge and we don't play
I don't got time for your petty thinking mind
Son, I'm bigger than those
Claiming that you pack heat, but you're scared to hold
And once the smoke clears
You'll be left with one in your dome
Thirteen years in the projects; my mentality is what, kid?
You talk a good one, but you don't want it
Sometimes I wonder, do I deserve to live?
Or am I going to burn in Hell for all the things I did?
No time to dwell on that, ‘cause my brain reacts
Front if you want, kid, lay on your back
I don't fake jax, kid, you know I bring it to you live
Stay in a child's place, kid, you out of line
Track Name: Playlist (Feat. Noise Limit)
I'm gonna be on your playlist
don't give no fuck about the A-list
while your MC is the lamest
and imma be on your playlist
Track Name: Duppies
I'm no afraid of duppies
'cause the living scare me more

ghost, duppies.
Track Name: Stars Become Planets
Out for blood, out for blood, wandering around and I'm out for a kill.
Track Name: La Vie Après La Neige
Je pense que la vie est belle et que on reste trop cloîtré dans notre train-train quotidien à se plaindre d'un peu tout et n'importe quoi alors que il y a pleins de choses à voir et pleins de gens à rencontrer et pleins de belles choses à faire pour qu'on soit plus heureux alors que nous on reste un peu focalisé sur les choses négatives et on devrait pas parce que la vie est belle.